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Guns what a passion
History, technical specifications, practical tips, shooting tests and didactic work on DVD
Arcimbold presents a significant collection of multimedia products for the firearms enthusiasts. Each DVD has been prepared by experts and aims at presenting the most representative models or teaching sports specialities.

“The Worldwide Firearms Catalogue” is the major work of the collection. It is a unique and complete tool to enhance the knowledge of and comparison between all civilian firearms in commerce all over the World.

“Abc of trap shooting” is the first product on DVD prepared to provide suggestions and techniques to improve agonistic performances in the Olympic pit. New productions are being designed to widen the offer reserved to shooters of various disciplines and specialities of the sector.

“Guns, what a passion” is a 15-DVD series that presents detailed descriptions and technical data sheets of numerous shooting, hunting and personal defence firearms.
Each monograph is a collection of “Guns, what a passion” series by argument. The most interesting treatises are grouped in three DVDs, with the following titles: Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers.
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In the spotlight
The first multimedia encyclopaedia of all the world's civil and defence firearms
This is the very first international publication to cover such a wide range: all of the world's firearms - hunting, shooting, personal defence models - brought together in a single, unique source.

A vast, ambitious and fascinating work that can offer a complete, up-to-date analysis of the world firearms scene: recent models, historical replicas, legendary arms makers, manufacturers, custom gunsmiths.

Over 4,400 technical data cards about pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles, black powder, muzzleloaders and air guns, accompanied by colour photographs that can also be enlarged.
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Worldwide Firearms Catalogue
Worldwide Firearms Catalogue (See contents)
Buy the worldwide firearms catalogue: the only multimedia encyclopaedia dedicated to all the firearms produced throughout the world.
Price: 18€ / 25$
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Worldwide Firearms Catalogue

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