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Pistols & Revolvers
The latest DVD dedicated to introducing the foremost pistols and revolvers of all the world
This issue highlights field stripping and take down procedures, maintenance practices, technical cards, characteristics and mechanics of the selected fi rearms.

The Chapters:
The Smith & Wesson mechanism
The Colt Defender
S & W Airlite scandium .357 Mag.
Baikal IZH 75: The New PSM
STI Trojan cal. .45
The Glock 24
The Luger Parabellum
HP 35: John Browning's last design
The Beretta 92-98
The Sig Sauer P226S
Revolver Schmeisser model 3541
Tanfoglio Gold Custom: a winning design
The Ruger P95
Force, a family of pistols
The Mauser C96, Winston Churchill's pistol
Upside-down gun: the Baikal IZH 35 pistol
Peters Stahl Multicaliber
Great classics: the Colt Python
The Tanfoglio Raptor
Price: 15€ / 18\$
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Pistole e Revolvers

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