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The latest multimedia compilation of images, technical cards
Video clips, detailed descriptions, field stripping and take down procedures, maintenance practices and thorough technical cards together with the addresses of their producers.

The Chapters:
Browning Buck Mark
The Krieghoff break-action shotgun
The Lockfast Dougall Express
Zoli Focus Express
An extraordinary Express from Nowotny
The Browning BAR
Holland & Holland Royal cal .375 Flanged Mag.
A Double Rifle from Merkel
Winchester 94 calibre .17 Hornady
Fine Rifles from Fuchs
The Krico 902 Spezial Match Carabine
Zoli Carabine AZ 1900
Blaser Express: an unusual lock
An Extraordinary Rigby Express
A Purdey Double Rifle from the golden age
The German school: a Drilling by Krieghoff
A double rifle from Demas
Sabatti Black Eagle: new shooting solutions
A three-barrelled gun from Mathelon
For big game hunting
The Golden Age: a Springer kipplauf
Mannlicher Schoenauer
The Concari Revolution
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