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Over 25 trap, skeet, hunting and defence shotguns.
Video clips, detailed descriptions, field stripping and take down procedures, maintenance practices and thorough, updated technical cards. A list of producers' addresses and internet sites is also available.

The Chapters:
Winchester Costal Marine,
Fabarm: a special double-barrelled rifle,
The super-lightweight Breda Hermes Gold,
The Demas Armes double-barrel,
The Renato Gamba Daytona under and over barrelled rifle,
The KBP Rys-K,
The Fabarm Gas-operated System,
The Bosis Double-barrelled Shotgun with Anson Deeley System,
Over and Unders from Battista Rizzini,
A Double Barrel by Lebeau Courally,
A Semiautomatic by Franchi,
The Pegaso Trap,
Bretton Gaucher's commemorative shotgun,
From Russia: the Saiga .410,
Miroku over and under: the Mark 38 Sport,
Emilio Rizzini: Primatist Deluxe,
The Russian school: a Baikal over and under gun,
The extra light Bretton Gaucher shotgun.
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