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Worldwide Firearms Catalogue
Buy the worldwide firearms catalogue: the only multimedia encyclopaedia dedicated to all the firearms produced throughout the world.
A new tool to view all the firearms produced in the world, simply with a click.

The DVD Rom contains the technical sheets of weapons for civil defence, hunting and shooting sports produced throughout the world. It offers the opportunity to carry out targeted searches and allows you to quickly find the information on the models or classifications you are seeking.

Possibility of searching:
by manufacturer
by type
by country

further information:
by calibre
by model

4400 technical sheets and colour photographs.
Links to manufacturers' sites.
Manufacturers' data sheets.
Extensive searching possibilities.
Consultable in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German.
Price: 18€ / 25\$
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Worldwide Firearms Catalogue
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Arms Manufacturer Type
YUKON Lusso S.I.A.C.E. (Gelmini Giuseppe, Ivano & C.) Rifles - Side by side
YL12-1D2 Norinco (China North Industries Group) Shotguns - Single shot
YL12-1J2B Norinco (China North Industries Group) Shotguns - Repeater
YL12-1JS Norinco (China North Industries Group) Shotguns - Repeater
Yunker 2 Izhmash Air Rifles - Semi-automatic
Yunker 3 Izhmash Air Rifles - Semi-automatic
YELLOW WOLF Evolution USA Rifles - Repeater
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