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DVD N° 15 (51')
In this edition the techniques for finding the right position in target shooting, the description of a great classic: the Walther TPH and the engraving techniques of a great Italian master: Aldo Rizzini.
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Titles Category Manufacturer
The art of Cisteron HISTORY
An interesting over-and-under gun by Guerini SHOTGUNS GUERINI
The Winchester model 70 SHOTGUNS WINCHESTER
Mannlicher Schoenauer RIFLES FOSSATI
The Concari Revolution RIFLES CONCARI
A Greener harpoon launcher RIFLES GREENER
Evergreens: the Walther TPH PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS
CZ52: an unusual lock PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS
Shooting: finding the right position A CURIO
The engraver: Aldo Rizzini A CURIO RIZZINI
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