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DVD N° 11 (55')
From the Royal Armoury Museum of Turin the Console system. And then: some suggestions for assembling a Pedersoli Kit, the technique for stripping down the Colt 1911 and reloading with the Turret press.
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Titles Category Manufacturer
Muzzleloading: the Console system HISTORY
The Russian school: a Baikal over and under gun SHOTGUNS BAIKAL
The extra light Bretton Gaucher shotgun SHOTGUNS BRETTON GAUCHER
A double rifle from Demas RIFLES DEMAS
Sabatti Black Eagle: new shooting solutions RIFLES SABATTI
Stripping down the Colt 1911 PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS
Revolver Schmeisser model 3541 PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS SCHMEISSER
Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol: kit assembly MAINTENANCE PEDERSOLI
Lee Turret Press RELOADING
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